Monday, 25 August 2008

Mrs Thatcher & Memory

So Mrs Thatcher has dementia.

I find it hard to refer to her (PBUH) as Lady Thatcher, I prefer the early 70s title of Mrs Thatcher.


I don't read them but cue loads of really funny, tolerant, humane and compassionate jokes on lefty blogs and in lefty papers about dementia & Mrs Thatcher.

Because tolerance is something you don't need to show if the person you're talking of does not, in your view, fit the bill of 'tolerant' themselves. It's a sort of conditional value, I think. It means that if someone is not left-wing it really is good if they die.

I think this is how it goes. After all there was loads of unemployment when Mrs T was PM so when she dies it'll be really good. She'll deserve it. (This is not "simplistic" by the way, but wanting criminals to go to prison most certainly is.)

We saw it when Pope JPII died, so we can reasonably expect it when Mrs T shuffles off: death is funny when your political opponents die.

Just in case you had forgotten:

When our leaders were hard as nails because they had to be: when there were tough decisions to take and a tough world to live in.

By the way in Today's Time I saw a graphic I've never ever seen in 10 years of reading archetypal lefty-histories of postwar GB.

The normal story is this. Mrs Thatcher was a failure because average growth 1979-1990 was 1.9%, no better than the average figure from 1870-1990 (to take a not at all arbitrary date).


In Today's Times we learn that growth in Team GB (sorry, couldn't resist it) OUTSTRIPPED THE FUTURE EUROZONE BETWEEN 1983 AND 1989.

So clearly it was all a massive fuck up. But I've never read that in any sub-soft left history of the UK: they wouldn't have left it out - would they?

Check out David O Morgan's pseudo-socialistic "The People's [of course-TD] Peace [ geddit - like The King's Peace only a bit more crap - TD]" for a particularly shitty example of this kind of left-selectism.

I say this again: Churchill was wrong. He did not write history: the left write history. Accordingly, as I've said before, our current govt will turn out to be the sorry victim of global turbulence and malificent malefactors, just like Wilson and Callaghan.

And I like Callaghan. Loads.


Come on Jim, your country needs you!!! Sort it from the grave!!!!


Andrew Allison said...

You post really sums up some people on the left: nasty.

There are many politicians with whom I disagree with; Tony Benn, for example. I don't wish him suffering or death and I will not rejoice when he finally dies and think, 'Good, there's another left winger gone.'

You obviously think the world would be a better place without me too. For my part, I enjoy debate and do not share the same sentiments about you.

I think you should grow up.

The Tin Drummer said...

Andrew, I am so sorry if I have given a certain impression. The point of my post was to expose the hateful nature of much left-posturing.

I agree that I should grow up, and fast, but I think you have mis-read my post. I wish death on no-one and I wish pain on no-one.

I have re-read my post and all I think it does is satirise anti-Thatch leftism; I think Mrs T was amazing but even if I didn't I wouldn't call her death.

I was sad when I heard of Jim Callaghan's death, Ted Heath's, anyone's, more or less.

Andrew I wonder who has mis-read whom here. Let me repeat: I wish death upon no-one.

I don't need to, anyway.

Andrew Allison said...

That will teach me not to quickly read through a post. I apologise. I will take more time in the future.