Thursday, 14 June 2007

..but the moment has been prepared for.

No more words, as Orcini says at the end of Revelation of the Daleks: no more shadow-hibernations. I have, finally, run out of enthusiasm for The Tin Drummer and all his works, and so he dies.

I am not ruling out a return, either under my own name, or a totally new pseudonym (heh heh, wouldn't that piss Tim Ireland off!) but either way - no more TTD.

CBI recently wrote:

Awake ye, Oh Tin Drummer...

More posts required by chomping army of fans...

The world is lacklustre, the Drummer has things to say.
Time for the silence to end.

I'm sure you can do better than me, old chap. Over to you.

-Drum goes in the bloody bin -

Monday, 4 June 2007


Saturday's Doctor Who was really, very very good indeed. I thought "crikey, this isn't for adults, this is drama for the whole family and goodness me I haven't seen anything this damn good for years and years." As usual, myself, Ms Drummer and Ms Drummer's boy watched spellbound - how many modern dramas can a whole family watch like this? - until finally I had to send the boy out to attend the barbecue because I needed to, erm, do some washing up* immediately after the last scene.

*=yes, alright, I was crying. So what?