Monday, 4 June 2007


Saturday's Doctor Who was really, very very good indeed. I thought "crikey, this isn't for adults, this is drama for the whole family and goodness me I haven't seen anything this damn good for years and years." As usual, myself, Ms Drummer and Ms Drummer's boy watched spellbound - how many modern dramas can a whole family watch like this? - until finally I had to send the boy out to attend the barbecue because I needed to, erm, do some washing up* immediately after the last scene.

*=yes, alright, I was crying. So what?


Matt M said...

Cornell has now officially replaced Moffatt as my all time second favourite* DW writer.

Human Nature/Family of Blood was simply amazing. The series really seems to kick into gear when they blend history and SF. Putting the whole thing in the shadow of WW1 gave it a weight that aliens and ray guns can't manage. And full marks for Cornell for dealing with it in a non-mawkish, unpreachy way that managed to honour those who fought while staying true to the pacifism of the series.

I loved the idea that the Doctor would hide from the family of blood because it was kinder than taking them on directly.

The only problem I had with it was that Tennant's mockney accent grated a little when he'd switched back, it's never been the best and against the backdrop of 'proper' English seemed quite jarring. Still that's just a minor quibble.

And it's Steven Moffatt's episode next week. Before this he only had to worry about meeting the standards of his own previous stories, now he's got to try and top Cornell's masterpiece. If he manages it, delivering the best episode of Who to date, then it'll almost make up for the fact that I'm out of the country for the last three episodes.

(*First place is taken by Bob Holmes)

The Tin Drummer said...

Yes, all of that is true. I thought, particularly that the refusal to take a simplistic view of war but to, as you say, honour sacrifice and the values of peace always important to the Doctor was especially striking - this is television that treats its viewers with respect. I did feel the doling out of punishments was a bit much but then - it reminded me of Hartnell, and of McCoy the avenger of Time. The episode was steeped in the show's history without going on and on about it.
The little girl with the balloon and the music that followed her is, surely, a direct reference to Remembrance of the Daleks.

I agree with the accent thing - he'd be better off with his Scots accent or his RP one.

Out of the country?? Are you insane?

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Awake ye, Oh Tin Drummer...

More posts required by chomping army of fans...

The world is lacklustre, the Drummer has things to say.
Time for the silence to end.

james higham said...

Wow - first an eyewitness blow by blow account and then the exchange between the Dr Who heavies. Too much for one evening.

Liz said...

This week's Doctor was so scary! I haven't been that scared since the hanging-up-along-the-corrdior cybermen started coming to life and chasing Billie (or was it the doctor?)

Matt M said...

Moffat and Cornell are now in joint second place after 'Blink'. It didn't have the depth of 'Human Nature/'The Family of Blood' but it was still among the best 45 minutes of TV that I've seen recently.

It's gotta be downhill from here on. No matter who Saxon turns out to be.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I need to get caught up on Dr Who...I'm wayyy behind