Monday, 25 August 2008

Miniplenty Malquoted, Rectify

Doubleplusungood: Eastasia blameful, BB unblamed. InPartyObs report BB todaywise: "ungood moneyfigures are Eastasia, Eurasia-crimewise."

But, comrades, porno-ration increases!!!! 500MB-daywise!!!! Comrades, the porno-prod of Ingsoc is worshipful. Ingsoc-porn doubleplusgood!!! Comrades, ingsoc is pornful because porn in relation to ingsoc is doubleplusgood: plentiful mans and womans unloving each other, untouching, unkissing, sexing powerwise. Comrades! Use Ingsoc porn!

Masturbation is strength!

Comrades, beer-ration to downgo, because unheartful goodwise. Beer is ungood and comrades should be waterwise. For an Ingsoc-Stella per comrade per day we could have a Floating Fortress!!! Destroy Eastasian criminals!!!

So comrades, undrink Stellas, think Ingsocvicwise: give to Ingsoc collections for Floating Fortresses, Abortions.

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