Monday, 25 August 2008

One Track Minds

I really am impressed by the team GB cyclists, you know.

If only because you can hear Alex Salmond sucking through his teeth from here.

This my considered, thoughtful and intellectual response to the challenge posed by team GB to the SNP:


No I have not suddenly become a unionist, and yes I am aware how it is traditional for pot-boiling socialist countries to do really well at the Olympics deliberately, while the rest of their people stagger on in high-rise blocks being surveilled by the government 24/7:

but I just love to Alex Salmond pissed off. He is, of course, with Gerry Adams, the finest politician the UK has produced in 40 years.

But honestly.


Come on Alex, tell us that Chris Hoy was really racing for Team Scotland!!! Tell us that Team GB was using Scottish resources! Tell us that Hoy would of done it on his own!!

Sorry, I'm going to have to stop, I'm about to crap my kex.

UPDATE, TUESDAY: Mr Eugenides has posted in somewhat more detail than myself on this subject and with loads more skill, too. but then he probably cares more.

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Colin Campbell said...

I loved Mr E's calculation of British Empire medals winning the Olympics. Classic politically wrong think.