Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Who Update - no spoilers

Actually, I did, independently of Matt's advice (see below), work out that I could watch Who on the iplayer, which I did. And I thought it was very cool indeed. Very cool. Some elements were typical RTD end of season, like the kind of silly-science explanations that make the endings of the Daemons and Terror of the Vervoids look peer-reviewed, and the actual plot was over about 15 minutes before the end, while we spent the last quarter of an hour emotionally wallowing, but overall it was pretty ace. Davros was excellent throughout - much better than Terry Molloy's Davros. I did find myself dashed annoyed that there was no Season 5 next year- I hope the specials are up to the same standard!

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Matt M said...

It made no sense, but it was fun. That's about all you can expect from a RTD series finale. I have to admit grinning like a loon at the TARDIS towing the Earth back home. Oh - and the German-speaking Daleks. Subtle as a sledgehammer, but entertaining nonetheless.

And the Xmas special looks good.

I've turned to the Eighth Doctor BBC book range to get my Who fix until then. Currently going through the excellent 'amnesiac stranded on Earth' plot-strand. With most of the books only a few quid second-hand on Amazon, how could I resist. :-)