Thursday, 10 July 2008

More Right Wing Anti-State Paranoia

There's been a lot of it about lately: but clearly the state and its agencies are there to protect us, especially the most vulnerable members of society. They are looked after, cared for, nurtured. Attempts to hurt or damage them are resisted by such organs of the state as the National Children's Bureau, who would clearly be against labelling personal likes and dislikes as racist, permanently recording suspicious remarks and punishing tiny children in attempts to root out something from society.


I did wonder how long it would take before individuals needed to ideologically check their personal tastes before adopting them. I didn't think it would start with toddlers though.



AS the army says,' Get 'em when they're young'.

Chervil said...

This is most ridiculous. Maybe I should feel racially vilified because my Australian born children say yuck when I serve them sauerkraut?

Jim Callaghan said...

Indeed, Chervil: may I suggest you record these disgraceful and bigoted comments and report them.