Saturday, 12 July 2008

Kassia's Wedding Music

One of my more secret loves (among the many that are, unfortunately, somewhat more public than either they or I deserve to be) is for Doctor Who incidental music, especially the ground-breaking synth stuff of The Daemons and The Sea Devils, but also the more conventional early 80s music. Of these I've loved Kassia's Wedding Music out of The Keeper of Traken since I was first lent the seminal BBC Records and Tapes album "Music from Doctor Who" in late 1986. I still have the c90 tape of this I made at the time. It still sounds as mysterious, as held out for, as wished to see, as it did all those long years ago.

Yes, yes, alright. Shut up. I don't have to subject myself to global ridicule you know. I just choose to because I'm an inverted egomaniac.

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