Saturday, 7 February 2009

Disguises Wore Thin, With Less And Less Skin

How,exactly, do you earn change: do you earn growth, and development, and decline, and death?

You earn it by survival. Before that, it is a tragedy, or an excuse for someone to say you oughtn't to live anyway. After that, the same. When you are weakest, beginning or end, there are plenty of people who want you to die, and who want to make smoke out of your body. In the meantime, while you are strong, it would be a tragedy (in the _truest_ sense, of course), a waste, shocking, terrible, how awful for his lovely girlfriend, etc. But when you are bad, or wrong, and survived birht by the merest thread, and you shit your pants, and you cannot think, and no-one knows what happens inside your head; then, you should die, because you offend them, their notion of dignity, their notion of life; then you must die. No, don't look at me, don't survive, don't take my taxes: die, die, die.

Compassionate people do so love death.

After all, it's cruel to disabled people to suffer them to live, isn't it?

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