Saturday, 7 February 2009

Cricket Is Back!

I cannot think of a better New Dawn for cricket than for West Indies to fuck England by an innings (their first victory v England since Edgbaston 2000, also by an innings). To listen to Tony Cozier and Sir Vivian Richards purring on TMS was just plain beautiful. England deserved to go down like they did. Bad cricket. WI played fantastic cricket. It was a delight to hear their fast bowlers steaming in and their spinner just gradually tormenting England out. And I am as narrow minded a nationalist as you could wish to avoid.

West Indies are back. Cricket is back.

England - Britain- the UK- call it what you will - is fucked. Royally. And truly.

Bring it on.

If we could have lost to anyone,anyone, I would have wanted it to be WI: cricket has been so weak without them, their passion, their skill, their love of the game, untainted (until now) by the pursuit of $$$; WI play cricket - have done since Ramadin and Valentine - to fuck their opponents and today they did.

Here's to WI fucking so many more teams.

Fuck 'em guys, in the spirit of Sir Vivian Richards, Joel Garner, the late Malcolm Marshall, in the spirit of Brian Lara, in the spirt of the great Gloucestershire and WI servant Courtney Walsh, and all those great players who played through the seemingly endless decline.

The decline has ended: England's has begun. And it is wholly deserved.

And if anyone thinks I am being a patronising colonialist, well they can fuck right off because 4-0 would bring cricket to attention in a real way. And we all need WI. And we need England, full of lunches, assumptions and other people's money to wake up and fuck off.

Cricket is my favourite sport.

Love it.


Anonymous said...
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The Tin Drummer said...

Well, I guess I won't. Cricket it is.

it's like a game of late imperialism, where the ex-power constantly is made to realise that it is completely shit.

Anonymous said...
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The Tin Drummer said...

Umm...sort of. They also throw balls at each other.