Monday, 29 December 2008

Living In The Ice Age

Well what the hell is there to this number - 2008?

I'll tell you. Nothing at all. There is nothing to this number at all:-

no blossoming oak, no muddy field full of young leaves, no rippling water sipped by lambs, no tumbling beech, no lime hanging in the breeze, no river scudding on in the long wind, no mallard skipping the current, no robin copping an eyeful on the nearest bare branch.

There is nothing here you'd care to see: no hands slipping out of touch, no missed glances, no desires shaping into the clouds, no love unspoken in stones, no sighs given by thrown twigs or rocks, no resentments that a stranger hasn't supped in his breath as he walks past.

What is there to your year?

There is nothing.

Nothing at all.


Crushed said...



There is always hope.

Matt M said...

2008 had the last proper series of Doctor Who to star David Tennant.

That's something.

His successor is to be named tomorrow.