Friday, 28 November 2008

Opposition Still Legal

...for the moment.

The NuLab defences:

1) You didn't care about Ponting;

2) If Robin Cook had of been arrested in the 90s, and if you right wingers had of been blogging then, you wouldn't of made a fuss then;

3) The Tories are cunts, so it's ok.

That basically sums up the Left-Stalinist-Centre defences when aksed whether arresting an MP with 9 counter- terrorism officers, holding him for 7 hours and ransacking any property to do with him, on suspicion of er, having helped to leak info in the public interest, you know, like NuLab did all the fucking time in the 90s, with the Supergun and Matrix Churchill stuff among fucking shedloads of others, and have done whenever they liked since then, was appropriate.

New Labour must be destroyed.

We must destroy them.

This is how.

You write sarky and sweary blog posts until May 2010, then you mark any of the boxes on the ballot paper that are not "Labour".

Of course, there will be an election then, and it will not be postponed because of unprecendented national emergency.

Oh - wait, hang on, I am receiving a NuLab transmission from 05/10:

"All these Tory toffs complaining about the election being postponed had nothing to say in 1940, when an election was cancelled due to a wholly fabricated 'national emergency', enabling the Tories to rule for x years [subs: fill in correct number]. They are just hypocrites, who cannot see that the reasons for not having an election have been approved by the independent Electoral Commission. And the Queen. This is a time when we need to pull together, not indulge our differences. And it is no time for whistleblowers...."

I guess I've sort of tuned out.

Normally, fucking the cunts is a good, pleasurable thing.

This time it will be difficult.

NuLab cunts are moist, but tight.

Fuck them. Fucking fuck the fucking fuckers.

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