Friday, 31 October 2008

On the Cold

Well we don't really get it here, but a few days of mildly unwarm weather reminds me why I don't like it being warm. I like the freshness and the ice on my car; I like the fact of needing to wear more clothes and feeling more protected; I like the lack of winged insects; I like the way the seasons are definitely changing, adapting, that life goes on in different ways than before; I like the way tea suddenly assumes a far greater importance in life.

But above all I like the fact that I don't sweat so much. I can stay awake longer and can be more alert in the cold than the warmth.

Hence, despite the clothes making me look like a balloon, I retain far more dignity when it's cold than when it's warm, and my beads of sweat make me look like an ageing version of Piggy out of Lord of the Flies. Without the glasses.


CalumCarr said...

I love the crispness of winter days even better when the snow is crisp too, not that snow falls often in Edinburgh.

Crushed said...

Well, I tell you, its freezing here!

And i have to go outside to smoke!