Saturday, 30 August 2008

To The Reader From Wherever

UPDATE: this is a bit unfair, this post. I mean, I spend loads of time on blogs but rarely comment these days because it is so easy to get involved in rows. Sometimes i can't avoid it, being so uncontrollably enraged by whatever, but by and large I just surf n read. So for me to write a post about someone who, according to Sitemeter, reads my blog endlessly and also lives very close by, but doesn't comment, is out of order. I suppose I was just thinking about my general lack of comments. Then again my lack of comments probably reflects my lack of commenting elsewhere, and also the random and pointless-seeming nature of this blog.

So as you can see, I've deleted the post.

Reader, you're welcome. And i hope you found something you liked!

UPDATE 2: Actually, bearing in mind what sitemeter says, and where it is, it might be the government reading me!! Holy moley, could be Labour thinks I am a threat to national security (public safety, maybe). My endless drunken rantings have struck terror into the hearts of our rulers; my incisive and powerful critiques of government excess and the surveillance society have caused me to be targeted; my...

If it is the government then I'd like to amend the above welcome to something else...but I'm too scared.

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