Saturday, 9 August 2008

Thoughts on BB & Sport

Clearly posts like the previous one would be unnecessary in a society based on the principles of Ingsoc, since there would be no competing entertainments to Ingsoc itself.(By the way Orwell today reports discovering a snake on the drive.)

But it's kind of interesting to posit this kind of world as a thought experiment to those of us who find it difficult to imagine a world in which the past does change so regularly and so brazenly: if you were at work the day after a Test Match with your cricket following mates, and you had read about BB's startling innings of 252 not out, you and your mates would be compelled to recall the flashing square cuts, the exemplary cover drives, the hook for six off Morkel, etc and you would recall the mustachioed old boy treating the bowling with disdain, while you talked, and poor old KP's century would be ignored.

Put it this way and the bizarre horror of the mutable past becomes clearer (to me at least) - we're probably more used to arguing vigorously over sport than politics, so if you suddenly had a party line to follow...say over what a lovely place China was...

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