Friday, 8 August 2008

BB DayOrder No94

Comrades! Blog TinDrum has been attacked!!! Crimethinker has posted cricketwise!!! Comrades, this is plus unIngsocful - BB himself writed that cricketspeak was crimespeak.

Cricketspeak is death, comrades. Be fullwise this openmindful.

Death it is, comrades, this is doubleplusclear. But Kevin Pietersen is plusgood. Comrades I am plushearful: you speak - "but Kevin Pietersen is cricketful! How can KPspeak be goodspeak?"

Comrades, be restful and thinkful. Blackwhite shows partymembers that good is badful oftimes. Today KP shows goodful side of crimethinking cricket. He is runful, comrades - but not too runful.

He is goodthinking: he knows BB must always be topscoreful so he crimestops at 100. He is full of Ingsocprinzip: unthinking the last ball; being ware that doubleplusungood bowling is, needfulwise, good bowling; unGraemeSmithing the South African innings.

Comrades! BB hopes you all saw BB's own innings today!! Doubleplusgood! BB's innings - in accordance with the principles of Ingsoc - was cut and driveful, sixful and unchanceful. BB's record 200 has set Airstrip One up for CERTAIN VICTORY South Africa-wise!!! The Test Match is measurable distance endwise!!!

Scorecard: Airstrip One 553

Strauss 6
Cook 39
BB 252*
Bell 26
Pietersen (c) 100
Collingwood 61
Ambrose 4
Broad 1
Harmison 49
Anderson 15
Panesar 0

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