Saturday, 2 August 2008

See You, for CBI

CBI doubts my thinking over the similarity between Depeche Mode's "See You" and Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart".

Well then he is wrong, despite his encyclopaedic knowledge of music.

for the synth refrain in "See You" goes: dum, de-dum DumDum, dum de-dum DumDum

(is the best way I can put it - you hear it about three times during the track)

and the close of Love Will Tear Us Apart (ok, not the middle, or beginning, admittedly) goes: er...ok well it isn't the same but goddammit it is very similar indeed; I am surprised anyone who knows the two tracks can't place the similarity.

Yes alright, egg on musical face...

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Crushed said...

I am yet to be convinced :)

However, I HAVE always thought that U2's 'With or without you', fits nively after 'Love Will Tear us Apart', as if the two tracks were made to be played consecutively.

Incidently, Broken Frame is quite hard album to get, it was the last one I bought, I don't think I got till 2001- in fact I didn't, someone found it for me..

Secret Garden is prob my favorite on the album.