Saturday, 2 August 2008

BB DayOrder No.42

Comrades, why does ingsoc require reality-control? Ingsoc needs reality-control because of crimethink.

Comrades, BB is loveful party-wise, but BB is ungoodfeeling when InParty Comrades fail history-wise. Comrades, remember that history is partythink, and so history is changeful; days are onetime sunny and onetime rainy: this is needful. Why is it needful? It is needful because comrades are plusforgetful. Comrades crimethink weatherwise doubleplusdayful!! So, comrades, you must blackwhite weatherwise, and recall fullwise and speedwise doublethink. Some days, comrades, exist hotwise and coldwise. It is BBthinkwise, comrades - no weather exists outside BBthink.

Some oldthinking comrades say "a day is hotful" - these comrades are plusungood and must be unpersoned. But, comrades, needfulwise, a day may be hotful and coldful, if BB decides weatherwise.

No reality outBBwise, comrades!!!! Goodthink thiswise. Goodthink leads BB-wise and BB-wise thinks lead life-wise, comrades!


ps - BB thinks are drawn drinkwise by plusungood reports of Outparty members falling floor-wise, vomiting, and crimespeaking BB. Comrades, remember fullwise that alcohol causes oldthink, sexcrime and unbellyfeeling Ingsoc, alcohol also causes unbellyfeeling food and drink, which ungoodwise shows Outparty members. Comrades! Crimedrink is activity unpersonwise!!! Be Fullminded thiswise!

pps- BB attention is also drawn cricket-wise. This is crimesport, comrades. Cricketspeak is death. Let no Partyman or Partywoman cricketspeak. Cricket is an unsport.


X. Dell said...

Lol. I think this is the first time I've ever read newspeak outside of 1984. Of course, other types of linguistic obfuscations and double-talk about. But this is precious.

Jim Callaghan said...

I will take that as a compliment,! Thanks.