Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Normal Service

Well it's very quiet round here. It always has been to some extent but I seem to have reached an impasse in terms of getting people over to read my stuff. I don't really mind, I like being sort of on my own anyway and I write this more for myself than anyone else, but you'd still like a few more Sitemeter clicks - anyone would. I seem to get almost all visitors via CBI and I'm still getting people here who've googled "harsh fuck". I get a few foreigners, Americans mainly, but no big deal. Most click throughs are still some kind of robot I suppose.

I like to write what I like to write but I don't have much of a stomach for the big net rows that kick off on the bigger sites, though I enjoy reading them. Maybe that's the reason I've failed to win any kind of readership. Also I'm pretty inconsistent: I didn't post much in July for example but not working at the moment, I'm flooding the two blogs with drivel.

I wonder if CtS can get a better consistency (the other blog, Completing the Square - click on the link at the side): that after all, is not supposed to be drunk, or swearing, or random, just thoughts on A Level maths. Yes it's pretty specialised but it might get a more regular readership.

Ho hum.

It looks like it might be a nice afternoon. I can't get the gym to pick up the phone.

I wonder if I might go for a walk instead?

I can't sit here blogging all day, that's for sure.


Wolfie said...

I find my stats go ballistic when I write about something topical, I also recommend putting relevant keywords in the title so people can find you.

It helps if you argue against the flow as it gives people something to argue about, otherwise they read and just go "hmmm, yes" and leave.

jmb said...

Well I usually read most of it, on bloglines it's true, but sometimes I click over. I'm still trying to figure you out. I think I'll give the Math blog a miss. I was once won the Math prize in my last year at high school, but haven't got a clue these days about that stuff.

The Tin Drummer said...

jmb: understand you entirely, and agree. I would give it a miss too, except that I really rather like maths nowadays (so says an English graduate). But thanks for saying you follow me. I haven't worked me out either, if it's any consolation.

Wolfie: Well I thought about it, tried it: but I hate controversry and argument, really hate it. I just can't post controversial stuff because then I worry about how I'm going to defend myself and I can't sleep.

Rather lame, really.