Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Life Goes..

As an aside, my CD version of "The First Picture of You" by the Lotus Eaters is currently being chopped away by my ancient crappy Tesco-stereo. It takes me at twenty times the speed, and with a tenth of the consolation, through that period of ten years ago, when every day was a challenge to prove that I did have a brain, even though I felt, as surely as I feel my feet upon the ground, that my head was empty. Eventually of course, with hearing quotes from Shakespeare in my laying down, and otherwise always feeling that I was plummeting into an infinite pit, I proved that it was indeed empty, as I had suspected.

Ten years: and nothing I've done since then in work or art that approaches the achievement of getting up each day of that week, putting on my suit & gown, daydreaming down to Exam Schools and picking up the pen.

I don't really care what you think at this point: I write it for the same reason I write everything or nothing: because I want to.

I vaguely remember a 15 year old Billie Piper singing something like that, soon after that week.

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