Sunday, 27 July 2008

What Is The Point?

I am occasionally asked, by strange souls who accost me in the street with their ancient slacks held up by tomato-plant string, why I don't blog more often. The answer is this: there is no point. No-one cares. The Left is in complete control of our world, whatever the opinion polls say: the (academic, New) Left controls academia, education, public service and the nation's public broadcaster. Its assumptions are made the conclusions of "reports" by academics who make you wonder if they could ever have produced reports of a different nature: the stewards of "evidence", as we saw during the Fertilisation & Destruction Bill debate, are very keen to turn the debate away from evidence when it suits them, and onto ideology (I believe one MP said to IDS during that debate "Are you saying I am less than human" or something vaguely similar). When Labour are caught, with their pants round someone else's ankles, and their little knobs fluttering sadly in the breeze, they can always rely on the BBC to ask them, "So whose fault is it that your pants are currently waddling down the street on a fat man's hairy legs?" They release Tractor Production in the UK(raine) stats one day and the BBC leads with them the next, complete with phone ins about how ignorant the people are.

I was a fairly compulsive listener to Radios 4 and 5 between 1993 and 1997 and I do not recall any radio shows presented from the Tory govts' POV. I do not recall them asking why we did not accept Government statistics. I do not recall them writing that we were being fooled by an x(wing) media (though I loved playing X-Wing at the time).

We are being fooled, taken for a gigantic ride by a government which, unlike the last massively incompetent one, has the support of all the nation's best and brightest. They support control of individuals, are innately suspicious of what they call "liberty", demand that we present ourselves to government for inspection regularly, have no problem with our being routinely surveilled, like it that we should be suspects for crimes that no police force would ever properly regard us as suspects for (via the DNA database). My right to be considered a law abiding citizen is just that - a right. You do not have a right, whatever crime you have suffered, to consider me as automatically a suspect. If there is a reason, then fair enough. Presumably, you can justify it. If not - leave me out of your enquiry.

Is that good enough for you lefties, you "oh, some people think you have a right to be left alone by the state" merchants, you loathers of real individual rights?

I guess not. You will never be happy. You see rights as given and taken by government, on the basis of need, expediency and group identity.

Never mind.

They will win - already have, they always win. Their policy is based on suspicion and hate and yet they are winning.

Then there are their other ideological allies, regardless of nominal "party", stopping people in cars to see if they are smoking, demanding adherence to draconian rubbish collection rules (while abolishing their duty of collection), enforcing weird crimethink laws, prosecuting people for protests against councils' neglect of duty, using bizarre laws to watch people for weeks on end to see if they are trying to get their child into a good school, whinging and nagging at people in publicly funded documents, thinking that getting a bit tipsy is worrisome while not thinking that 200 000 abortions a year is owt to give a toss about, hectoring and intruding on people - as long as it is not their sexuality of course. No. No-one should be made accountable for sexual choices - only food, drink, work, thought, speech and exercise choices. And association. And religion.

And then there are the legions of fascists, deniers, reactionaries, Daily Mail readers, fundamentalists, "well funded lobbies" - all different terms of abuse based on dissent. What the hell is the point of dissent when abuse is what you get. Soon, of course, for various kinds of dissent, it will be fines and/or prison, like it is is Canada (and many very very intelligent people there really do think you should be fined for saying something someone else does not like, made to pay for your defence while the prosecution is paid for by the state, and who are able to make extra-judicial punishments like "x may not speak on this subject ever again" (see: and if you think I am scum or stupid for linking to Ezra, you can fuck off and leave me alone - and never, ever, try to make laws for me, or I will fight you with every bone in my body)

I read the Torygraph and generally its abuse is reserved for those in power. I can't recall a leader where it has abused ordinary (ie non-government) people in terms like those listed above, whereas I find them ten a penny in the Indy and Grauniad.

Sex is the new prolefeed.

And though I've written here about fighting - don't bother, really. The Left's victory over the people is complete. Any incoming Tory government will be powerless. They'd need to privatise the BBC and the entire education system to eradicate systematic Leftist bias among all educators on all levels -and, like myself, they do not have the balls.

So just drink.

While you can.

Then call Labour "a bunch of cunts".

Before it becomes a hate crime.

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