Wednesday, 14 May 2008

For The Love of Big Brother

I worship power: oh yes I do, I love powerful beings, in their strength and their decision-making genius, and their rights, oh when I see them exercising their rights it makes me quiver; how they turn and move and destroy. Destruction is the greatest act of power, after the ability to make another suffer. To make another suffer must be as great a display of power as any, but to destroy one - fabulous. Unmake me, unwind me, untie me, let my threads fly into the corners and leave me to settle into the floors. Spill my mind from end to end of the world. Anything can create; very few have the ability to destroy. It takes a certain kind of tidy mind.

Oh the love of power is the end-point of a type of narcissism, the obliteration of self and the dedication to a thing you can absorb yourself in, regardless of who you are (indeed the idea is to subsume one into the other so that it becomes virtually invisible).

Without power there'd be no light; no hospitals, no schools. Someone needs power: power needs someone.

Not me. I just receive it and I look on in awe.


Sara said...

SLC Punk: "Beauty is the End"

I think that it is easier to destroy than create. However, I also feel that the more I create, the more I equally destroy things...myself more. IE: Smoking cigarettes feeds into my creativity, while at the same time is destroying my body. I would say it is a joint relationship.

I ran across your blog in a very random fashion, and i liked this line:

"Sometimes you just have to accept that you need to shut up, sit down, and let the people who can actually write crystallize the sensations you so desperately want to articulate."

I thought i would share with you my blog. Hopefully you can get something out of it, as I have from you:)


The Tin Drummer said...

Hey Sara

Thanks for dropping by. Your comment is much appreciated, even if you only liked one line ;)

Creation and destruction are I think part of a dynamic, and it really is hard to have one without some kind or form of the other.

I'll take a look at your blog!