Monday, 12 May 2008


Hey, not only am I a part time member of the real world, and a substitute on the bench of technology, I also have an Ipod. How cool is this.

I have synched (how 80s is this word) all my tracks. Guess what I'm listening to?

Here's a clue. The track begins with "C" and ends with "hange."

Fucking magic.


Crushed said...

Have you got this track on repeat or something? :)

The Tin Drummer said...

Hey, too right man.

This is why. It is the only track for at least ten years that I completely forgot and then suddenly remembered when JACK FM (the Oxfordshire radio station with Paul Darrow out of Blake's 7 doing all the links) played it.

I remembered that those amazing days when your life changed hearing one track are not, in fact, quite over.

Hence I've listened to little else for six weeks!!!

Crushed said...

My favorite Tears for Fears is actually Laid also Low.

'In to that void of silence, where we cry without sound'

Though 'Shout' is the best one to do for Karaoke purposes :)

jmb said...

My iPod and my laptop and I'm in pig heaven. One of the best inventions ever.

Lil Jimmy said...


The Tin Drummer said...

lil jimmy: ho ho.

jmb: Yes, these things are wonders of the modern world, or any world. My laptop is, alas, a little too big - I liked the look of it in the shop but forgot the point of a laptop is to be small!! And portable!!!

CBI: I don't know that track but guess what, Jack FM were playing Change on my trek across Oxon again tonight! Oh bliss!!!

The Tin Drummer said...

CBI: Check that, of course I know Shout- my form all did it with their recorders recently; it made a very satisying but slightly too quiet noise!