Saturday, 24 May 2008

Crimespeak Update:H Rodham Clinton, Yet Another Whinging Times Editorial

Comrades, it fullwiseseems that Inparty womans are viciouswise speaked. Comrades, why goodspeak Inpartywomanwise? Inparty womans are victims, comrades, historywise: all Inparty mans crimethink so all inparty womans suffer crimethink. Even when Inparty man goodthinks, he crimethinks. Why is this so, comrades? This is because all mans are crimethinkers. All mans must be goodwise wordful. If Inparty woman crimespeaks or ungoodduckspeaks, Inparty mans must be goodthinkful. Elsewise mans are crimethinkers.

Comrades, Inpartywomans only goodspeak, specialwise RFKwise. Error impossible. Crimethink, crimespeak, unexist Inpartywomanwise. Facecrime also muchwise is redneck-placewise. This must suffer execute quickwise.

It is, comrades, doubleplusungood to crimespeak of Inparty womans. All criticism is crimethink. Goodthinkful partymans duckspeak Clintongoodness. UnClintongoodness speaks must be executeful.

Be ware, comrades, that Outpartywomans, Thatcherwise, must fullwise suffer crimespeak and crimethink, as they are unpersons. Words "bitch", "cunt" and "I hope she dies a fucking painful death" are fullwise goodthinks.

Editorial writed by some total twat whose name I fullwise unrecall.

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