Friday, 25 April 2008

Spot the References

At the risk of outing myself (small, I am sure, as few people are actually interested in the contents of this blog, but then again I don't really mind as I am a narcissist anyway), here are a few quotes from my favourite film (well, "film" is stretching it a bit):

"I need at least an extra six PSUs...I'm using traffic wardens already."
"Yeah but when...yeah but where?"


"There's something going on, I tell you."
"There'll be something going on tonight when I've had a few pints."


"We don't want the whole street blowing up while you're away."


and many other classic lines. I mention it only because I read in today's Times about a US ship firing warning shots in the Persian Gulf, and I was immediately transported sideways and back to that wholly fictional 1983 where the world ended on Thursday May 26th, bringing a swift closure to the Great & Super Powers.

And all that was left was vomiting into water butts; turning over to die in the inner refuge; collecting water drops in a collander; watching people have their arms sawn off; swapping tabs for whisky; hoarding an old book of birds for ten years to remind yourself of what you had loved.

"Skeletons and skulls. Of different creatures."

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