Friday, 25 April 2008

Self Portrait (Body Image Update II)

He is so cool, isn't he? And just cop the size of his brekkers. For me that's just not enough food. And his utterly innocent delight in food remains, despite his humbling at the hands of the giant. The morality of this book is superior and more nuanced than that of many grown up publications, including almost all newspapers. Maybe not The Daily Sport. You see: he realises that it's wrong to eat so much, but he still loves food because eating is a wonderful and beautiful experience, and that in itself is not wrong, indeed it is a pleasure of living which should be extended to all, by natural right. He doesn't really talk of poverty or famine but I like to think that is implicit in his recognition of the immorality of gluttony.

Anyway, for those of you who've been wondering, the resemblance is remarkable, except my skin is more pinkish. I have only a little more hair than he does. My legs are about the same size. I guess my smile isn't as broad as his.

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