Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Trial of a Time Lord

Crikey, I'm listening to my off-air copy and speaking the lines almost subconsciously, how sad is that?

"To disregard my commands would invite summary execution."
"summary execution!" (muttered)

"now that you've purged that from your system, can we get on? Load the cassette."
"You really are the archetypal philistine. Moments such as this should be...savoured." (TOP Anthony Ainley moment).

"the catharsis of spurious morality!" (whahey!!!!)

"You blundering imbecile. You've triggered a ray-phase shift. There'll be a massive feedback into here!"

Watching TOATL should be a drinking game...."'s too late...."

I shall now disseminate my views on the latest series:

the Dr is the Last Time Lord, having trashed his world in the war vs the Daleks. However, we know from 1963 that he has children (Susan is his grandaughter). We know from the entire world that RTD loves the character of Cpt Jack Harkness.

2+2 people..........


Matt M said...

Never seen 'Trial of a Timelord'. I have 'Mark of the Rani' on DVD to watch later though. Not expecting much, but it should be fun.

I liked the comment about the Doctor not having a brother "any more" in the episode on Saturday. I suspect that (given the title of the last episode of the current series - which I won't spoil if people don't want to know) we might be seeing a bit more of the Time Lords, though whether in the flesh or flashbacks I don't know.

james higham said...

Rivetting stuff. Keep us posted, Tin Time Lord in Disguise.