Friday, 19 January 2007

Mash Ups

I've just heard either a ghastly cover or a dreadful mash up of Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd and some other crap. A couple of years ago some beat combo or other mixed Are Friends Electric with something totally different, to, it has to be said, some good effect: it turns out this is, in fact, a completely new art form. The music of one track to er, the music of another.

The trouble with literature is that this is a lot harder to do, if you are looking to freshen up some classic offerings. Having said that of course, some works of genius lend themselves rather nicely to this treatment. here is an example: Martin Amis' The Information and Will Self's Great Apes:

Richard Tull looked at his word-crap-processor, urgling with word-fuck, pant-hooting his desire for a long and unsatisfying drink: conscionable with lazy thought. He could summon no pornography of grammar to express his end-wishes, his wank art: his imagery was just plastic tits swaying in the brightness where even light was fake, and his words a facial of the laziest, most eyelid-closed kind. As he looked at the badmirror screen he saw his hair, his crazily jutting jawline and thought to himself: "Jesus I am one fucked-up ape. I'm not even a good ape. Fucking Julian B---I mean, er, Gwyn Barry, he makes so many more shit bananas than I do: the arsehole has three breakfasts and five kids licking his effulgence, for fuck's sake."

It's only a matter of time.


Ian Grey said...

Have you heard that "new" Beatles album Love? Very strange, as if they loaded all the old multi tracks they could find into a Mellotron semi-randomly so they could remix it with a new twist.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

tin drummer, you've made my day!