Friday, 24 November 2006

Tag. I'm It

I've been tagged. I haven't responded until now because I've been squeezing blood out of the proverbial stone in my classroom. Bloody hellfire, even my student looks at me with contempt in her glance. Still. I've got Depeche Mode on the mp3, and I'm dicing with powercuts. So here we go.

Ten Things The Drummer Would Never Do:

1) Declare: "As a socialist, I..."
2) Procure/assist/advise in or for an abortion unless it were needed for survival
3) Wear gold or gold lame
4) Watch Lost
5) Give up on the power or importance of history
6) Give up on the people, or declare them a mob, like Polly
7) Declare: "As a republican, I..."
8) Vote Green/Socalist/Revolutionary Communist/Communist/Left Socialist/Left Revolutionary/Left Communist/Right Communist/Reform Communist/Communist Party of Britain/ British Communist Party/The Communist Party of Great Britain/Revolutionary Socialist Party/BNP.*
9) Read any more books by Richard Dawkins (I was only 21, ok???)
10) Refuse to watch Doctor Who, if it were broadcast on a tv channel I can receive.

*= Yes I know I've just made some of these up.

note: I have not put "Become an atheist". I don't wish to, goodness knows I don't; but I ain't gonna promise it.

I believe I'm required to pass this meme on (how Prof Dawkins would think I'm doing his work for him). Alas, I know few bloggers. So: Tom Paine, UK Daily Pundit, the Ranting Guttersnipe, Nanny Knows Best, The Pedant General

...and that will have to do. If anyone would like to be tagged by me, please let me know (, wink).

UPDATE (10.40pm): I was tagged by James Higham ( Sorry, forgot my manners.

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The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...

Balls - sorry - only just spotted this.

I might want to have a think about some kind of contact form a la Thersites.