Thursday, 23 November 2006


By the way, it's been awfully quiet around here lately. Have my readers deserted me? All I hear when I visit Sitemeter is the hushed whisper of the tumbleweed rolling ironically across my blog.


james higham said...

Your readers will never desert you but work gets in the way and it takes a little time to get round our friends. I've been finding the same thing. As I've gone round certain sites, the comments seem a little thin on the ground. End of week is traditionally bad for my site - Thursday through to Saturday evening. How about you?

The Tin Drummer said...

I'm not really sure. Weekends have been good lately, due to getting various mentions on roundups, etc. I think probably mid-week is worst for me, Tue-Thur sort of time.

But the sudden decline in hits has been remarkable. I think you're in a very select group visiting today, James!

james higham said...

Tin Drummer. Post something cool and they'll flock back as soon as you have. The secret's in the posting.

The Tin Drummer said...


I am somewhat shocked that you have been visiting my blog for so long and yet you still expect me to post something cool?

Jeez, who do you think I am? James Dean?