Sunday, 8 October 2006

Possessed by the Devil

I don't mean it literally, or even metaphorically. I just find that his atheism aside, I agree with everything the Devil (of Kitchen fame, linked above) says. I particularly enjoy his well crafted and sharp swearing, especially when addressed at self righteous lefties as in the above post. While I don't intend to become a swearblog, I love the term "fuckwit", which I first read in Viz and which is the only word to describe a certain kind of person who simply cannot relate to the real world. Terry Fuckwitt is the progenitor of the type of course: in the latest strip, upon his frank admission that he really has no idea what is going on in the world, a Radio 4 producer gives Terry a job as a contributor to Thought for the Day. Well, it made me laugh.

I look forward to the Devil resuscitating the terms "dickhead", "knobwipe", "knobcheese", "dangleberry" and "that's him fuckin' telt".

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