Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Freedom and Whisky

Purely on the basis of this comment about the guy who runs it by Cllr Terry Kelly, I am adding a link to Freedom and Whisky:

When you write a political web page you expect feedback, some of it hostile, some supportive and some disturbing. I was told that some guy had written about me on his blog in a very uncomplimentary way, this complete eejit ( David Ferrens from memory ) writes very well which makes him even more sinister because he's a barking far right nutter. He uses Burns's phrase "whiskey & freedom gang the gither" as his title which I'm sure would have the second rate old Ayrshire plagiarist spinning in his grave, his views however and the views of the incestuous sycophants who write to him are capable of making your skin crawl. These people peddle very dangerous and disturbing views, they come across as being capable of almost anything which doesn't require courage, they describe themselves as libertarians of the right to which I have to say, I've never met or heard of a right wing libertarian who wasn't well off and self obsessed.

While I certainly wouldn't call myself a libertarian, I don't like bossy know-nothing politicians either. I do like the thought that idiots like the Cllr reckon right of centre bloggers "peddle very dangerous and disturbing views".

If no-one is going to take issue with your views, why bother blogging?

What sort of a post is:

Scratched My Jacksie Today

This morning I got a bit of an itch in the arris while playing Age of Empires. So I scratched it but I didn't smell it, instead I washed my hands.

I suppose the good Cllr thinks that actually only posts like:

Redistribute All Wealth Now

I think all wealth belongs to everyone, there is no such thing as wealth creation and people with more than nothing are purely lucky, it is just a myth that work and talent can bring anything to anyone.

...are valid.

At least the Cllr allows people to comment on his blog though, whereas I don't (though I may change this, encouraged by the great James Higham). So I am a hypocrite. There are worse things to be. Like Cllr Terry Kelly, for example.

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