Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Matt's Blogging Issues

Well it seems that not for the first time Matt M has given up blogging. I've said repeatedly how much I rate his attitude and talent, so I won't dwell on that. But it made me wonder how I have stuck it out, with considerably less to say than Matt, for nearly three years. Here are a couple of ways I've managed it.

1)I couldn't give a rat's arse about it. I think this is important. I blog when I want to, don't when I don't. I don't care about stats, though it is lovely to have comments. Actually check that. I care about the comments, less so about the actual posting.

2) I say what I like. Actually this isn't true. One way I can stick it more easily than before is by staying out of the violent disputes which rage across the blogosphere. You wouldn't believe how much hate there is there: not just for politicians and those in power, but among those who just plain disagree. Real hate. So I tend to write nowadays about other stuff, though I allow myself a rant or two occasionally.

3) I blog when drunk. This is great fun. I feel sorry for anyone who has to read it, of course, but I like it.

4)I leave it fallow for weeks at a time. This hopefully gives me more ideas when I come to write later on. It also means I can't build a proper following but I don't mind too much.

I guess this isn't much use to Matt. But I hope whatever he does he gets back into blogging or serious writing soonish, because the shrillest voices are beginning to clog up the place now....


Matt M said...

I think blogs work if the writer has something to say and the ability to say it well.

That's why the Tin Drummer is so good.

Sweet Cheeks said...
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Matt M said...

Sweet Cheeks,

Ahhh -- but 3157 of those are just me being narcissistic. The other 10 were just lost.

This posting (well, commenting) while (slightly) drunk is fun, but potentially problematic. So I'll stop now. Except to say that this is one of my favourite blogs to visit. If I were a more articulate fellow I'd be able to say why that is. No kisses though, because... well, y'know.

The Tin Drummer said...

NO, I'm pretty sure I've visited your profile a few times to check if you were still younger than me and yep, sure enough, you are.

Thanks for your kind words, Matt. Much appreciated!

jams o donnell said...

I was sorry to see Matt gave up blogging. An Insomniac was always well worth reading