Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Delusions of NuLab

Yes, while everyone is now starting to see the bunch of bullying creeps for what they have always been, thanks to Guido and a timely mea culpa by Alice Miles in the Times a couple of days ago, Harriet Harman is still insisting that black is white (as she does with the Equalities Bill, which, in order apparently to combat discrimination, enshrines it in law).

Here are a couple of choice quotes in a small article on Yahoo News:

She continued: "Whatever anyone else does, we will not fight in the gutter. No-one in the Labour Party wants to see us involved in personal attacks. The Prime Minister has made it clear that this has no place in politics.

Um, yeeessssss. Sooooo, it's the "anyone else" who's been making up nasty stories about the opposition for the last few years is it? The "anyone else" who's been bullying lobby hacks all this time? And as for the PM making it clear....HE'S THE WORST BULLY OF ALL!!!

For fuck's sake man. Woman. This is ludicrous. It bears absolutely no resemblance to reality whatsoever. It's either a delusion or a lie. PArt of the problem with NuLab over the years is that they do not see the difference.

"So we will have nothing to do with smearing the Tories. But we will take them on, on their polices - past, present and future. The way to win is to fight on our values and principles."

Let's just get this straight Ms Harman, shall we. You WERE smearing them, you just got caught. Finally, you got exposed for everything you bastards have been doing for a decade or more - not just to Tories but to innocent members of the public (anyone remember the "racist" Rose Addis?) and even members of your own bloody party. For crying out loud, I know that certain religions have a mystical idea that the one thing evil cannot face is itself but this is ridiculous.

And this is saying nothing about the "values" of a govt which still thinks it was right to arrest an opposition MP for doing his job.


Anonymous said...
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Moggs Tigerpaw said...

In case no one noticed already, as far as they're concerned the truth is what they say it is.

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