Saturday, 14 March 2009

Tin Drummer is Minor League Genius, Major League Twat*

Well here are the scores at 12 March 2009:

Maths A Level Module Pure Core 1: 3% - 97%: TD

Maths A Level Module Statistics 1: 14% - 86%: TD

Well I guess I have outwitted the maths A Level papers by massive margins and I am currently (by 1.5%) on course for an A* in the full A Level.

To my mind this is *extremely* cool and I am well chuffed.

If this makes me an extremist then so be it.

*One has to make any genuine boast appear ironic, doesn't one, or one will seem to be, er, unseemly. After all, this is Britain. Britain.

1 comment:

Matt M said...

With absolutely no irony - congrats!