Saturday, 14 February 2009

Thoughtcrimes Published

At last I finished my little project: to revise and extend my thoughts on Nineteen Eighty Four and publish it on lulu. Well it's done. It's not long, only 17500 words and it's fairly accessible by my standards (ie I think some of it makes sense). It only costs £2.00 also. That's a fat 11p profit for me on each copy I think.

I slipped in some b&w photos of the drummer heimat too. But I was a bit vague about proofing or reviewing it.


Anonymous said...
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The Tin Drummer said...

Well..go ahead, cheek-meister.

You might find that it stinks worse than your nethermost cheek-lands, but, well...who cares, tbh.

Crushed said...

And what is lulu?

The Tin Drummer said...

It's a sort of online vanity publisher. You only pay them a cut as you sell stuff (Although you have to pay if you want an ISBN, which I don't at the moment).