Thursday, 12 February 2009

These Are The Things I Could Do Without (Part N)

1. Deception
2. Hate
3. Self-delusion
4. Self-pity
5. Persecution complex
6. Martyrdom complex
7. Thinking that a fucking middle ranking management job is harder than being the fucking prime minister.
8. Love of stress.
9. Love of power.
10. Ambition.
11. Busy-ness.
12. Love of, and belief in, authority.
13. Doing What The Government Tells You.
14. Not having the originality, intelligence or courage to do your own thing.
15. Manipulation.
16. Lies.
17. Shallowness, where feelings are related only to self.
18. Inadequate use of language, where your deceptions are leaked through your own utter incapability with language.
19. Lack of concern.
20. Exclusion.
21. Ridiculous projection.
22. Pathetic fallacy.
23. Thinking That People You Don't Know Don't Deserve To Lose Their Jobs, While People You Sacked Did.
24. Management/Worker.
25. Lying: specifically, about your non-existent love of literature and religion.
26. Saying And Doing Whatever You Like, Whenever You Like, But Being Mortally Offended When Someone Else Does The Same.
27. Teasing.
28. Bullying.
29. Emotional Manipulation Of The Crudest Kind.
30. Hypocrisy.
31. Denying the people who love you space in your life.
32. Lying: specifically, about things you never went to, because they did not exist, and sounding so hard done by when lying about those things.
33. Pretending you want a family.
34. Refusing to make a shred of effort for someone you "love".
35. Making up rubbish about "soulmates", then ditching it when you've got work to do.
36. Thinking that when your dog dies, so does your soulmate.
37. Slagging off your "soulmate" for retreating into the hole you've kicked them into.
38. Telling someone you're not slamming the phone down on them, then doing it.
39. Crying and shouting insults over the phone.
40. Slagging someone off, then walking out on them when they open their mouth.
41. Ignoring the one you "love"'s birthday. Again.
42. Telling them you'd rather be listening to shit rock somewhere in the arse of England than being with them on New Year's Eve.
43. Sleeping with someone else.
44. Probably.
45. Because you lie, and lie, and lie again.
46. Being fucking horrible and then never mentioning it again.
47. Refusing to touch, only talk: then refusing to talk, only touch.
48. Cutting down talk whenever and wherever you like.
49. Taking obvious love, and its action, and its proof, and ignoring and forgetting it whenever you feel a bit hard done by due to something completely different.
50. Being embittered, ugly, full of regret, and with the kind of blotchy and bloated face that knows it has only limited years in which to spread its hate-filled bile and its barely concealed self-hate, not to mention its certainty of its own inadequacy; though its knob is a good size, its potency is not, and its entire character is a pile of stinking fucking dog crap.

No 50 is clearly a remark by TTD directed at himself.

For the avoidance of doubt.


Anonymous said...
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The Tin Drummer said...

Thank you sweet cheeks: I am posting your comment because a) I never delete them and b)I've nothing to fear (probably) - the subject of all this is not going to read any of it.

Thank you for your heartfelt support: even though I've never met you, it does make a difference.

Breaking a damaging addiction can be painful, and your body looks for substitutes - in my case, alcohol, hence point no 50 and I look so awful right now. And often you just don't notice you are being shat upon until you are buried in it completely...

I learned a lot in the last month or so.

Thanks, SC. Thanks very much. If you were here, I'd accept your hug and kiss most openly and fully.

Anonymous said...
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