Friday, 27 February 2009

Stay Calm

A wise admonishment from the man who coined the phrase "the Righteous" to describe those who call themselves liberals, and who demand control over thought, language and action: read it, think and act appropriately here.

Meanwhile, Jack Straw thinks that this government has done more for civil liberties than any other (and presumably did not read Kerry McCarthy MP saying that she is very suspicious of this whole "liberty thing" or somesuch idiot words - which can also, I'm sorry to say, be sometimes read at Harry's Place).

For all that self-styled liberals think that individual liberties are just so,like mid C20, and that progressive politics just, you know, demands a certain sacrifice for the good of socierty; for all that they hate people who don't agree: there is a battle being fought, and we, the lovers of individual liberty, are losing. We are losing in the streets, in the homes, and in the workplace, where left-wing politics are being encoded into contracts, and supported by government lackeys and fake charities (see any recent case of a non-atheist being suspended/fired/disciplined for daring to live by their non-atheism, as is their right). Individual liberty is, it seems,a lost cause. As Leg Iron points out: they want a "fucking riot" in order to cut off democracy at the root: and their subordinates in the police, ACPO and LGA are already preparing the ground. They want us to riot and this time there will be no Scarman Report: just the savage repression they have been waiting for.

Don't do it.

WRITE letters to The Daily Telegraph;

SEND emails to the BBC cricket live-text;

MUTTER in the bus-queue;

BE IRONIC when you praise the Labour Party at work;

SLAP the steering wheel when the Today Programme is on;

LAUGH SARDONICALLY when atheists tell you how stupid religion is and how civilised atheism is and by the way disabled people or unwanted babies should not exist because that is better than you know, being a pain in anyone's arse;

SAY when you are asked about your sexuality when you buy a house, that it is "normal" (and CHEER when you are then taken to the cells);

RESPOND when your employer tells you that you CANNOT opt out of a GOVERNMENT MANDATED SURVEY of your private life, but do it in a bit of a bad mood;

SNIFF A BIT when someone tells you that Mrs Thatcher was evil;

UM AND ERR when someone tells you that de-industrialisation happened SOLELY between 1979 and 1997.

FAIL TO LOOK CHEERFUL when Gordon Brown comes on the TV.

LOOK A BIT SHIFTY when someone tells you that we all need to either die, or live in caves, to save the planet. But say nothing. Or you'll be a Nazi*.

SNORT when some public sector snout in the trough DEMANDS your money for their pension ON PAIN OF A PRISON SENTENCE**, while you know perfectly well you'll get fuck all when you retire. But, again, say nothing.

I think that should do it.

COMRADES: Buy THE DAILY TELEGRAPH now! And we will go forward in revolution.

* This is a REALLY BAD THING and it means that your views are seriously at variance with a socialist's. As a general rule, if you think people are a good thing, you're not ashamed of your existence, you don't think the world is about to end, you move from A to B sometimes (but, crucially, in doing so,ARE NOT spreading the word about imminent destruction of everything), you don't agree that hatred consists of merely disagreeing with someone, you want as many people as possible to say whatever they want whenever they want -

well -

then, you are a Nazi.

So be careful.

Stay Calm.

** Yes, yes ok I am a public sector snout in the trough. But at least I'm not a hypocrite. Much.


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Crushed said...

You been quite for a while, Mr Drummer...

Thought I'd cheer you up by including you in my latest Blogpower roundup.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean - I also take the Yankee dollar...