Thursday, 5 February 2009

OMG! Snow!

This is just so like - wow! I'm like, what? well duuh, there's all this white crap on the ground? And you want me to, like, go to school? Hello? WTF? Do you want me to mess my hair up or something? WTF is this stuff anyway? This is like, so random? One time, I saw something like it on Sex and the City, and I was like, what? But it's like, I can't see anything, and there's all kinds of dudes going like really slow on the roads, all like old dudes driving like no miles an hour, and being really booring. I'm like, WTF? Get a move on grandad? So my mum's like yeah, the 4x4 is cool, and we're like flashing and beeping this dude in a Fiesta, cos he's just like going OMG, OMG, gotta go really slow. But he wasn't cool, cos he like looked at us when we overtook him and told us to "fuck off".



jmb said...

What they didn't give you a snow day ?

The Tin Drummer said...

No, my school has a "proud" record of never having shut!