Friday, 6 February 2009

New Life (depeche mode)

...sounds just like my old Speccy.

From 3.14 onwards. Crumbs. It's just as if the pop groups of the 80s looked at the technology of the time and thought, "Well, I guess this is how communication is going to be".

As if they, being clever and nervous, living under the bomb, and being the only generation whose every family member, including themselves (born around the time of Cuba) would have grown up going back two generations under threat of total war and/or utter annihilation, looked at speech and thought and saw it being reduced to binary expression and simple synthesised sounds.

What a ridiculous idea, eh?

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Crushed said...

New life, New life.

Poppy, banal, but upbeat. got them noticed, as did Just can't enough. and then it all started.

Broken Frame starts to show what they were capable of.

Note by Construction Time Again, they start to move away from pure Synth.