Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Root x, x to the half, the number or the value that is multiplied by itself to make x, you take it and you put it over two, then you spring up the two to make half x to the half, then you differentiate and you stick the half in front of the x and slap down the half index so that it is x to the minus half. Alternatively you could wallop one over root x, then you fiddle, or rather you divide, so then you get a sort of quotient which is x to the minus half, and the neat thing about that is that you can easily, as it were, reverse the operation because it leaves no remainder and no doubt: you just reverse what you did to obtain the fraction.

A conveniently ingested portion of excreted material.

Indeed, a fraction is not a statement: it is an action - when you look at a fraction (one number sliced by another) you look at a process. That process can do its stuff and have its stuff undone by its inverse.

I have proofs of all this shit at the other place....

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