Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Liberty Prorogued

Oh well, no revolution. A mildly interesting speech by the speaker, calling to order interventions on his own interventions - for the maths devotees among us, an interesting example of recursion - but other than that, the same old same old: questions, no answers, the governing party and the independent police in curious lockstep.

The idea, among the intellectuals, that the police have the right to uninterrupted action, whereas the democratic representatives of the people don't (if they belong to the opposition, crucially).

And the PM? Presumably, the strongest, most passionate democrat in the land?

He does not give a fuck. Instead he wants more powers for the state to demand things from innocent civilians.

Do not rely on the most intelligent: in times like these, their genius is put to the service of evil, which makes tenth rate minds like mine sit back and say, time after time, when liberty after liberty is killed, and even the right to oppose finally attacked, say "oh, well, I guess...if _they_ say it's reasonable, then it must be: after all, they write independent reports/are the police service of the people/are the local authorities/are the independent authority....". Genius and reason can, and are, used by evil.

That's when the only response is silent rebellion, to live as you wish to live.

And that's when they decide to come for you too: because they realise that when visible rebellion has gone, they need to seek the other sources of rebellion.

I'd give it 25 years.

Then, if I were you, I'd learn Newspeak.

By 2050, at the latest.

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