Saturday, 25 October 2008

Why Would I Post In Defence Of Freedom When Everyone Thinks It Is Shite?

I don't know.

Just this feeling I have, that alcohol is better than Caroline Flint: that thoughts of different worlds, where you don't have to prove who you are, are better than Harriet Harman; that you exist, regardless of what Yvette Cooper thinks: that actually, despite the spew talked by Ed Balls, it is quite good to know things about the world, I mean real things, like where people live and what they are called and what they speak and what they make: and that learning about multiculturalism is like, learning about fuck all.

If children learn things,

if they know stuff about the world, I mean real stuff like where people are and what they speak, and what they make, then the "learn about socialism" Left are without a cause, without a home, without a voice.

Suck the voice from the Left.

Learn the World's Capitals today.

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Crushed said...

Sorry to say something perhaps very UNintellectual here....

But I thought it might amuse you in your current frame of mind.

Every time I see Caroline Flint on TV I'm struck by how much I'd love to shag her senseless as she banged on about Home Office figures.