Sunday, 5 October 2008

We Could Have Been The Best of Friends

Fuck it: this is why I refuse to join any political party: no-one reflects my views, or gives a fuck about them. I am not really a libertarian and those fuckers really, really hate a large part of me (not my knob, all parties love my knob); they loathe the idea that I choose to see the world differently. Well fine, fuck them. Fuck Labour, who are the world's biggest authoritarian cunts; fuck the Tories, who are close behind, fuck the LibDems, who are fuckers, fuck UKIP who just are not with the programme, whatever the fuck that means, and fuck the Libertarians, who, at the sunset of the long summer's light show, are people who hate my guts.

I had thought of joining them. But I'm not, and I can't.

Fuck it.

I am me, and I am a minority of one.

I am mad.

So what?

Who cares.

Really. Who cares.


Crushed said...


I guess I kind of can see that, I hate the whole concept of political parties, period.

I'm not sure any of them care much for my knob though. you have the edge on that one.

Trixy said...

I'd have a gin and tonic if I were you. And welcome to the world of not being in a political party: ain't it great!

The Tin Drummer said...

Thanks for dropping by chaps. Good to see you again, Trixy! And I have had a few g&ts, obviously. It's a shame but I must be too weird to fit into any particular column.

And the stuff about the knob was merely a comment on the desirability of sexuality in politics, expressed in my usual tangential way.

The Tin Drummer said...
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The Tin Drummer said...
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