Sunday, 12 October 2008

A Note on the Appendix

*Nineteen Eighty Four related vol-au-vent*

I'm afraid I can't share the optimism of some that the appendix suggests, through its use of the past tense, that Ingsoc was eventually defeated and that the narrator of the Appendix writes from a free society. I think the narrator might just have mentioned the defeat of Ingsoc and the public execution of O Brien (er, I'm guessing). It would have been a big enough deal, no?

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Crushed said...

Ah, TD, you miss the point of course.

The point is that ultimaely Ingsoc would have ben an unsustainable system, because of its own internal flaws. Like Nazism, it contains the seeds of its own demise.

Ultimately, tyranny is inefficient. And therefore, it always loses.