Thursday, 4 September 2008

The End of Innocence Again

I've blogged on this before, and here is one of the latest examples at Obnoxio the Clown's place. The key point is that information on false allegations will be held by this database for ten years.

Ten years.

For a false allegation.

Just ponder this: for doing absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever, your job prospects can be screwed over for ten years. This will be rendered obsolete by the national CRB database anyway that will just keep these permanently.

For centuries we worked towards a society founded on justice: now we are building one founded on fear. The fear of these allegations will stalk more and more people. Because that is all it will take. The concept of innocence is irrelevant, totally irrelevant.

You have no possibility of clearing your name.

This, let's be clear, is only the start. Soon it will be extended to all sorts of people, not just those working with children. It will become a plank of the new justice, along with "the need to raise conviction rates" and other non-judicial concepts. The innocent will be caught more and more until no-one will ever know who was guilty and who was not.

This, of course, is the whole idea.

The silence of those who claim to care is deafening. The silence of those interested in rights is shattering.

A society based on fear of the state and fear of others. Informants, non-police enforcers, anyone who might make an allegation, police with weapons: the state constantly arming itself against its people, making it harder and harder for anyone to tell who is good and who is bad.

The state setting us up to destroy the bonds between us.

Day by day we learn more and more of this hate that our rulers, local and regional, have for the citizens of this country. Harsher penalties, more penalties, more rules, more bans. It's what we are used to. We see councils talking of "environmental crimes" - meaning dropping litter or leaving rubbish in the wrong bin, whereas we thought the word "crime" had been replaced by "offence" - no, it was just being saved.

It is silly to say we live in a police state. Of course we don't.

But we are doing our damndest to build one, we really are. And it seems that a lot of us will welcome it. After all, if you've nothing to hide...

which is where this database comes in.

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