Saturday, 6 September 2008

Call that a recession? Cah.

This is quite a good article until the last, rubbish, bloatedly biased sentence, which I would challenge anyone to prove is the authentic voice of the impartial BBC.

But it does make me laugh, when I read those awful history books about the champions of social justice and fairness, and how awful and uncaring the Tories are:

It was the month the dead went not just unburied, but were left on wards for hours at a time. When hospital managers struggled to find a way of coping with bodies that were starting to decompose. When ambulance drivers refused to answer emergency calls, and pickets on the dockside blocked the unloading of drugs needed for chemotherapy.

You see, this is all ok, for the leaders of the TUC, because they

were provoked by a substantial cuts in their real wages and by what they saw as the government's absolute refusal to recognise the importance of their role in society by paying them a decent wage.

But I thought they were motivated by love of humanity, and the public? And yet they were prepared to kill people, to get higher wages?

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