Saturday, 23 August 2008

Let's Not Be Adult (About It)

Really: why bother. Let us be childish and stupid, be immature and freakish, be twats and wankers. The cause of authoritarianism has the scientists and the rationalists own the death-cults. Why not just be bloody silly, prance about in fields like idiots, read Graham Hancock, think of fairy-circles and machine-elves; open the Bible at a random page; why not look to the heavens and see things you cannot justify or repeat, why not see beauty and be staggered; why not just delight, consciously, in life, and its compromises, its failures, the very fact that you think things are wrong; the very fact that you know you are not perfect, even fallen. In the fact that evil derives its power from the existence of good.

Couple of twats (good & evil that is).

Why not take an innocent joy, that does not involve killing other humans, in the fact of existence, this most bizarre of coincidences, this pathetic excuse for rationality? Why not just be, when all around us are desperate to cast their shadows over our lives, and make their laws to govern our lives and deaths? The rationalists are gathering for laws, pouring over sub-clauses, desperate to enact sunsets: they want to control.

Why not just be? Well, because it hurts. Probably.

Let them come up with some justification as to why we should be allowed to live. You know how they love their justifications. They might be logical. Or they might just be pragmatic.

Because, sooner or later, they will do it...then they will see the reverse...and their austere logical or ideological purity will not allow anything else.

And it will be the end.

And it will have been prepared for.*

Yet there'll be this appeal, that we kept through our lives.**

*Well what the hell did you expect??? I am ENGLISH. Sentimentality is woven into my soul. It is the handmaiden of alcohol.

**See above.

You know, I am convinced those two, bloody sentimentality and alcohol, are having an affair...couple of tarts. Dressed up to the nines, flirting like they're anyone's. Cheap tu'penny ha'penny whores.

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Crushed said...

Yes, i think sometimes we forget the central point of the Anthropic principle.

Ultimately, we're here.

And from our point of view, that's really all that matters.

We're here for a bit. Enjoy.

Because you're a long time dead.