Thursday, 17 July 2008

TD Completes MPC1

Well I may well be a dickhead, a twat, an idiot, an arse and as bald as a coot who's had all his feathers shaved off, but I have finally finished the first module of A Level Maths & Stats.

I don't know where I stand on the dumbing down debate; all I can say is that in 1994 I did not have a fucking clue and today I do have a clue. I just don't get it, is all.

That must mean standards are slipping.*

* As my wonderful late uncle said when I told him I had been accepted by Oxford. We don't really do self-esteem in our family.

By the way the number of WRONG ANSWERS in the HEINEMANN ADVANCING MATHS FOR AQA C1 AND C2 book is truly OUTRAGEOUS. And it is not just me who says this, but my official tutor, and my unofficial tutor, with whom I share most Tuesday lunchbreaks.

Twats. Can't you even proofread? Jesus, I am a Catholic and even I can proofread.

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