Thursday, 5 June 2008

Some Hopefully Reasonable News

The Third Test starts today and England go into it 1-0 up after their brilliant win at Old Trafford last week. Rather less than brilliant is the fact that this still seems a very patchy, inconsistent England side, with few real talents capable of taking a game to a top side. They got away with it last week and Strauss did play a fine innings, though whether he'll ever recapture his 2004-5 best is doubtful. I seriously doubt whether we'll see Flintoff back, ever; and I am not sure I see the point of half of England's batsmen, who have, to be fair, regained that 90s skill of "one out all out", and who now follow each other off with the same regularity as British Leyland used to.

Still. Might be fun. And no penalty shoot out.

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